Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Who Thought This Was a Good Idea: Part 2

At first feigning a hipster stance of bemused detachment, I became, in the course of a mere 4:23, weirdly lulled by this video and its evocation of particular place and any place, its tribute to the dull and sublime. Watch: the steady rhythm of the road, the grey of the sky, the monotony of Queens' Soviet-style apartment blocks - all would be almost meditative were it not for the background keening of Celine "the world is a better place because of you" Dion on Fresh 102.7. My transfixedness transformed into a frightening flashback to playing on my boombox (that's right) tapes I made of the Quad Cities' own Power 98.9 (which apparently (proving that things can get worse) is now a Christian rock station) when I was a teenager. Anyway...let's go for a drive:

And speaking of Celine Dion and Weird, let's raise our...hairdryers?...to Futurism and another modern homage to the "autonomous, unreal, and alogical."

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