Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Insert Art Here

Courtesy Waterfront Preservation Alliance: "At last week's CB1 meeting, Councilmember Yassky's office announced a new public art initiative. The initiative is a response to the rather woeful lack of public art (and opportunities for public art) in a neighborhood of artists. Organized in conjunction with the Open Space Alliance, the North Brooklyn Public Art Coalition 'will be comprised of members of the local arts community, with a mission of scouting out ideal locations for public art in North Brooklyn, actively seeking out partnerships and funding for public art in this area, and keeping its members apprised of all public art opportunities.'"

For starters, someone can decorate the plywood on the corner of Withers and Union. Also, I would have expected a better display than simple black tags on the pure white fence and formerly yellowly festooned trailer on Lorimer and Metropolitan (see photo in 2/9 post). I also think that cranes (those that remain here) could be "ideal locations" for, perhaps, a project involving flowers and Play-Doh and photographs of people playing mandolins. I mean, how has no one thought of this?

Brooklyn Pickles, Melts, Bakes, Deglazes, Cures...and Lustily Devours

This article features Brooklyn Kitchen and other pioneering Brooklyn shops and cooks. I had a cracker company a few years ago and feel like now might be the time to launch some new food-inspired enterprise. Suggestions welcome.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fashionably Late

Extremely last-minute notice, but do come out to The Glasslands tonight (on Kent between South 1st and 2nd) for night two of Williamsburg Fashion Week.

And for inspiration and love and happy feet, listen to songs off the new M. Ward, one of which is featured below. I just saw the man himself at The Apollo and, times before that, I saw him soundcheck on Letterman, an eternity ago, which is to say August 2006.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009


"He who's not busy being born is busy dying." -Bob Dylan

Life has been very, very full lately, much of it contained in North Brooklyn, some spilling into other parts of the city. Here's a fact sheet based on recent events, as well as a few cyclical things to put on the calendar (other than waking up, watching the moon wane, slipping underground...):

1. The tamales at Elote (Union near Grand) do not in fact contain chicken; the restaurant is offering a post-Friday the 13th special, which includes half off all bottles of wine (because love=corn-on-the-cob); and Eddie Vedder has a singer-songwriter soul.

2. The Union Pool Chili Takedown smells delicious even if you're not eating chili.

3. According to Mike at Soundfix (who also works at Royal Oak),the space as we know it will close in the next month or two, but they're trying to retain the liquor license for the next occupant. Hello CB1!

4. Melissa at Mousey Brown is wonderful.

5. Something is afoot on the corner of Metropolitan and Lorimer.

6. Campy decor and mango sushi kinda work if you're Kion (6th Street between A and B).

7. Poetry and tomatillos are alive and well on Troutman Street.

8. Poems + friends + injera + frozen yogurt = a lovely night.

(And check out SpeakEasy at Cornelia Street on 2/17, featuring the spectacular JM.)

9. Green card parties are a good idea, especially when guests are earnestly attempting to revive the spirit of 1973.

10. And the Fix Tape Exchange will not die. Folks will convene at a to-be-determined location next month (3/8) to swap mixes built around the theme "Television."

Friday, February 6, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Hipsters, Oh My

Soundfix is closing at the end of the month, but that doesn't mean there can't be one last mix tape/CD swap, this Sunday evening. The theme is Animals. Come frolic.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Under the BQE: Literally

212 in 11211 (did someone say phoenix?)

Engine 212 and other Brooklyn firehouses were closed in 2003 owing largely to shifting populations. These historic structures have met with various fates (even while returning populations beg the question of whether we might actually want firehouses to be firehouses again). 212 is on Wythe and North 8th Street and was awarded by the NYC Economic Development Corporation to People's Firehouse (which manages low-income housing in the neighborhood) and Neighbors Allied for Good Growth.

This Tuesday at 6:00 p.m., NAG will be raising awareness of Engine 212 at Union Pool (because nothing puts out fires like former pool supply stores).

And here's a little pre-party awareness: on Thanksgiving Day 1975, the City told the firefighters of Engine 212 that it was closing the firehouse down owing to (surprise!) a dire fiscal crisis. According to NAG, within hours, a crowd of 300 local residents gathered in front of the firehouse to prevent the City from removing its equipment. For the next 16 months, Williamsburg residents were at the firehouse around the clock, until the City agreed to keep it open. While Engine 212 finally closed in 2003 (sparking more protests), it is now (with our help) being converted into the Northside Town Hall Community and Cultural Center, complete with a street-level gallery for displaying local art and history. Thanks to the Waterfront Preservation Alliance, CB1, Council Member Yassky, and all the nameless engaged.