Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Insert Art Here

Courtesy Waterfront Preservation Alliance: "At last week's CB1 meeting, Councilmember Yassky's office announced a new public art initiative. The initiative is a response to the rather woeful lack of public art (and opportunities for public art) in a neighborhood of artists. Organized in conjunction with the Open Space Alliance, the North Brooklyn Public Art Coalition 'will be comprised of members of the local arts community, with a mission of scouting out ideal locations for public art in North Brooklyn, actively seeking out partnerships and funding for public art in this area, and keeping its members apprised of all public art opportunities.'"

For starters, someone can decorate the plywood on the corner of Withers and Union. Also, I would have expected a better display than simple black tags on the pure white fence and formerly yellowly festooned trailer on Lorimer and Metropolitan (see photo in 2/9 post). I also think that cranes (those that remain here) could be "ideal locations" for, perhaps, a project involving flowers and Play-Doh and photographs of people playing mandolins. I mean, how has no one thought of this?

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tiffanytomato said...

we should totally collaborate and decorate that plywood corner! I have a freshly opened jar of brown paint. and plenty of other crafty supplies. sparkles and googly eyes, maybe?