Sunday, April 5, 2009

Saying Yeah Yeah

Spring? Not yet. Spring? Not yet. Spring? Not frigging yet. But at least the sun is out today. I've been sick, and will shortly be making my way into the outdoors, wearing a scarf and sunglasses, pretending that the BQE is the seashore and I a chic convalescent.

The two events that brought me to this state of feverish delirium are no doubt:

1. My family's recent visit, which, though wonderful, involved walking through every neighborhood south of 59th Street, spending a day on a boat to and around Ellis Island, drinking every night, and eating things I usually do not eat (e.g., pizza):


2. The Brian Jonestown Massacre concert at Terminal 5 on Wednesday, the day after the fam departed. Being a part of this show involved getting lost underground (where a friendly caipora and I made each other's reacquaintance), making amends as a train roared into the station, sprinting through the rain from 59th Street/Broadway to 56th Street/12th Avenue, and standing for four hours while ravers gyrated around us and the people continuously tripped over our bags. But it was worth it. Why? One word: Joel.

Finally, someone recently pinned up a deer cut out of grass on North 10th (and, related to BQE-related photographs, Eye Level BQE is now accepting BQE-related submissions):

Convalescence aside, it doesn't get much better than this.

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