Monday, June 8, 2009


Not just your long-lost bully cousin, BiFF is also quite worldly, home, in fact, to 110 countries! That's right: the Brooklyn International Film Festival is playing in our backyard (Brooklyn Heights to be exact). There, through this Sunday, and thanks to the sundry likes of Stella, Stevia, and the insurer to all those able to submit to this festival, you can still see, among hundreds of options:

*an encounter between a a white boy and an African girl in a night train.
*two teenagers' lives brought together through internet webcams.
*the search for the writer of a mysterious diary.
*cash, a car, a mobile phone...and fish.
*the invasion of creatures that steal what you have inside!

For $25, you can watch four film programs, many of which are collections of shorts. And speaking of invasions, the 12th annual festival's theme is Open Source, of which Festival Director Marco Ursino says, "Our 'friends' and 'followers' are becoming more interactive by the day and we truly welcome the invasion."

As long as my friends and followers are not 1) locusts, 2) pastel figurines, or 3) spam messages that talk, I, too, welcome whatever is to come.

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