Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pop Fix

Sound Fix is a too-good-to-be-true music-store-meets-venue-meets-bagel-shop on Beford and North 11th (the part of Bedford that won't inspire a hipster-induced panic attack on a sunny Saturday afternoon). They have a free gig almost every night and a fun drinks menu that includes non-alcoholic fizzes and root beers and the like (the place was introduced to me by my friend Jared and some of his AA chums, which evidences its status as a truly cool space, not just a cool place when you're drunk). Anyway, a band I like called Ravens & Chimes played there awhile back, and I drank some wine. Then I walked home. The end.

p.s. I didn't take the photo.
p.p.s. Points for identifying their first album title's reference.

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Two Dishes said...

Hey there Rachel!

I walked by the front of this place many times (I work at the school next to the McC pool). I mostly get cds from the library now.

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