Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Settepani Interlude

Lorimer between Skillman and Conselyea: a coffee and three amaretti. A newspaper: protesters have tried to organize a peaceful torch run near the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi to protest China's occupation of Tibet.

Hannah Arendt said in 1957 that the world was becoming more connected, that "all peoples on earth have a common present...and every man on earth feels the shock of events which take place at the other end of the globe." But isn't reading about shock while drinking coffee on my end of the globe different from feeling the shock? Funny how to know nothing is to feel no shock, but to know everything is to find oneself in a similar place...unless it's possible to connect to some universal aura, coffee or no coffee, and to feed joy with or without amaretti, shining it back into the world, a torch.

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