Friday, May 30, 2008

Withers and Union

Summer 2007

Summer 2008

A gaggle of cats once lived in this lot...but have mysteriously vanished. Brian and Corinna think they were taken away when last summer's staple - lushness - was cut and hemmed into this new season's must-have item: emptiness...with lots of sky. But I think their ghosts must still be wandering around, sniffing the air, dreaming of meatballs. Anyway, what anyone with 1988 or 2008 legwarmers knows: what's old will be new - and so it would be 500 years from now, if we all, like the Withers Street cats, suddenly disappeared: "Rising water, tides, and salt corrosion have replaced the engineered shoreline, circling New York's five boroughs with estuaries and small beaches. With no dredging, Central Park's pond's and reservoir have been reincarnated as marshes... Central Park's grass is gone. A maturing forest is in its place, radiating down former streets and invading empty foundations... Long before, the wild predators finished off the last descendants of pet dogs, but a wily population of feral house cats persists, feeding on starlings. With bridges finally down, tunnels flooded, and Manhattan truly an island again, moose and bears swim a widened Harlem River to feast on the berries that the Lenape picked." - Alan Weisman, The World Without Us

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