Saturday, January 10, 2009

Spores Galore

New at the McCarren Park farmers' market: mushrooms!

Madura Farms just began offering at least seven types of mushroom at the market, costing around $6-$8 for 1/2-lb. The mushrooms are grown in "mushroom houses" (heh) near Goshen, about 66 miles from North Brooklyn. Madura Farms also sells produce at the Union Square and Tompkins Square markets. I chatted with two proprietors today, who explained that the mushrooms are grown organically but not certified organic, and yet they're cleaner and better than nearly any other mushroom because conditions must be pristine in order to successfully cultivate mushrooms indoors. Also, these mushrooms are super-fresh, just harvested this morning. I'm going to make oyster and cremini soup.

Also, if you want your apartment to smell like a forest, they're chippering trees near the market, and there's a heap of spicy tree bits by the track.

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