Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Winter Greens

A much better alternative to the winter blues are the winter greens, in the form of a share of the Garden of Eve's cold-weather produce. Heading over to the park now to pick up more than 20 lbs. of vegetables, eggs, apples, yogurt, and grain. Vegetables will include carrots, leeks, kale, cabbage, daikon, beets, squash, kohrabi, potatoes, and sweet potatoes (okay, so it's really the winter greens and browns and purples and oranges). Makes me wish I had a root cellar. I do have a freezer full of compost scraps, though, so the next step is to head in to the Union Square Greenmarket drop-off location. It's nice to think about how, in these cold months, peels and parings are creating heat and food for spring.

Finally, for the sake of randomness and love, and on the heels of a killer conversation about earnestness in Williamsburg and singer-songwriters, here's a little video homage that (aside from the weird gold light at the end) does in 2:28 what I've been attempting for nine months:

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