Friday, May 29, 2009

Railroad Rentals and Factory Ghosts

The Times in Greenpoint.


christina hurricane said...

hi there! I happened across your blog through williamsburg is dead and thought I'd take a gander since I too reside right under the BQE. my apartment is nicknamed the BQEazy!
funny you should post up that link to the article in the times... I actually ended up in that picture montage! a photographer randomly asked my friends and I if she could snap a couple of shots of us wandering around GP on a sunday afternoon. little did we know we were about to garner C list internet celebrity fame. I'm the redhead in a sundress on the left in the first of the series. my mom was thrilled, naturally, but didn't hesitate to suggest that next time I try to get my face in the times rather than my ass. ha!
anyway, good show! if you see me around the hood just throw a BQE gang sign.

Profile said...

Thanks for reading. I checked out your blogalog and must say that I, too, have been feeling a bit un-blog-like lately. Keep it up, though: there really is no better topic than this crazy hood. I will look for your identifying features (pink hair? black eye?) on my rambles!