Friday, June 20, 2008

Cats and (Balloon) Dogs

Tonight we trooped to see the lovely Sara Taksler's (and Naomi Greenfield's) documentary about people whose lives have been changed by, yes, twisting balloons. And we learned how to make balloon dogs. Sarah talks about the film - Twisted: A Balloonamentary - in this Huffington Post article. Basically, the movie's about about weird people who don't quite fit in finding a way to relate to the world and each other. Balloons, dammit. Happiness! Which the world, as evidenced by the documentary film industry, sometimes has a hard time swallowing: "While it would seem obvious that, at some point, counter-programming would be desired to offset the over-saturated downer-documentary market, distributors can't get enough sad stuff, which, at one point, left us wondering if our film would ever see the light of day."

My cat Tank doesn't care one way or the other about balloons and more existential matters. But the dog must die.

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