Saturday, June 21, 2008

Green Saturday Night

I've been thinking about environmental sustainability more and more lately and how ordinary people can become - and remain - involved in work to help each other and the planet. Part of my personal commitment involves the following "pacts" with myself, a list bound to grow:
*To buy used products and clothing whenever possible and to give away things I no longer want. (e.g.,I found silver Ann Taylor shoes that cost $3.99 at a Salvation Army today!)
*To freeze all fruit/vegetable scraps, eggshells, and the like and take the bag of scraps to the local composting project, at Green Dome Garden (drop off your bags in the wagon by the dog-run on Saturdays until 2 p.m.).
*To participate in Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA), by being a shareholder in the Hearty Roots Farm.
*To talk to people about what's going on in the world and little things that anyone can do to make a difference.
*To be more conscious of my water use and not leave the sink and shower running longer than necessary.
*To make at least one annual contribution to offset my carbon footprint.
*To remember to carry tote bags when I go places, to reduce my use of plastic bags.
*To buy local and/or organic food as much as possible.
*To recycle metal, glass, and paper as much as possible (related sidenote: New York 1 just ran a story that explains how the NYC Transit Authority sorts and recycles trash in subway platform cans).
*To walk and hitch rides on subways and busses as much as possible (except when poetry demands I take to the road).
*To keep on veggin'.
*To use energy-efficient lighting as much as possible (I still need to come up with a twinkle light solution...).
*To give gifts and request gifts from organizations like Kiva and Heifer International. Through the first, your dollars are channeled as microloans to individuals in need of help starting or sustaining a business. Through the second, your dollars, ostensbily paying for an animal or resource needed by a community, are put into a general fund and used to empower communities to fight hunger, protect the environment, and generally improve local quality of life.
*To continue supporting the work of the National Resources Defense Council.
*To pay attention to candidates' stances on environmental issues.
*To pay attention to what I'm consuming by being alive (damn paper cups of coffee!) and what I'm giving back - and to work hard to increase the latter.

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