Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ad Space, Peace Space

Perhaps the unrecognized Dalai Lama of fashion, Marc Jacobs on Marc Jacobs: "I started to develop a sense of, I don't know, a sense of confidence. All of a sudden, before I knew it, I started to think, Gee, I'm really happy with the work we've been doing. I'm really happy with the house I live in. I'm really happy with the way I look... I like taking a shower. I like shampooing my hair. I like putting on moisturizer. I like wearing jewelry. All of these things, I used to think, That's not for me. I'm on the floor picking up pins or I'm sketching all day, what does it matter what I look like? And then I discovered, you know what? It does matter. It makes me feel good. I get it!... I have a choice. We all have a choice in how to look at things. This idea that everything happens for a reason and is perfect and you will benefit from it even if you can't see the benefit - it's a nice ideal to subscribe to."

I like watching fashion shows. There's something about the rhythms and the living art of a lot of pieces, which trickles down in the most basic way to our own clothes, that's full of a strange kind of perpetual hope. (Seriously!)

This also seemed like a relevant post given that the latest Time Out provides us with at least a couple of ways to "shop" in Williamsburg, whether on the street with Tiffany or in the slew of other little spots that clinched the title of "Best Shopping" for the hood. I personally would have had a category for "Best Grittiness," or "Best Views of the Rising Harvest Moon" (which, risen, is a great accompaniment to pears and wine and laughter at little autumn bistros like Le Barricou).

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tiffanytomato said...

It's best to have your pears fermented into liquor of some sort - otherwise allergic friends could have a bad reaction and cut the evening short. And long-laughing-harvestmoon-evenings are much more fun than short-laughing-harvestmoon-evenings.