Thursday, September 25, 2008

Scrapping Uncoolness

Bronze plaques are disappearing all over Williamsburg/Greenpoint, some say for scrap. Included in the lost is the memorial I once passed several times each day, just Under the BQE, dedicated to Father Giorgio in 1951. For all plaque thiefs checking this blog: not cool.

Father Giorgio, incidentally, taught children in Williamsburg, was drafted as a chaplain into the Army during WWII, and, 36-years-old, died of blood poisoning related to his newly amuptated leg, upon returning to Brooklyn.

Among other things (closeness, renewed longing for the road, tired feet), Calexico tonight offered up a song which I'll post as aural plaque to Father Giorgio, defying the hoodlums again.

"Four in the morning the sidewalk's asleep
Dogs on the porch
Spiders on the leaf
Shipwrecked by night sailing through days
Nobody noticed the slipping away..."

"The News About William"

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