Saturday, September 13, 2008

Who Thought This Was a Good Idea: Part 3

This one is actually pretty great, Double Indemnity meets Gran Turismo:

I think I've loved the BQE from the beginning because it's the underdog of expressways, as a couple of quotes illustrate:

"I-278 (specifically, the Brooklyn-Queens and Gowanus Expressways) has to be the worst excuse for an interstate highway in the whole country. It is a series of different roads thrown together. Many entrance ramps have no acceleration lane at all and have STOP signs where they join the expressway. On the Grand Central Parkway, which is part of I-278 at the parkway's extreme western end, there is a sign saying 'EXIT 4 (I-278 / Brooklyn-Queens Expressway).' To continue on I-278, one has to exit onto a single lane ramp. All this when I-278 should be the mainline and the Grand Central Parkway should be an exit of I-278... The frequency of these problems collectively put I-278 in the hall of shame." Ty Rogers, on Kurumi's Humble House of Roadsdom

"The worst limited-access highway I've ever seen was the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. Upon entering it from the Bronx, I sneered at the posted 45 MPH speed limit. I soon found out why it was posted." Steve Riner, web author of Minnestota Highways, a visit to which set me craving the piney Highway 61 drive from Duluth to Grand Marais.

Maybe in the unrhymed re-release, revised lyrics can have the killin' done out on Interstate 278...

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